Giannis Bolanos

A man of many talents, hailing from the country that gave us democracy – this Greek warrior boasts more than 15 years in martial arts, 8 years kung fu, 8 years in kick boxing ,and 4 years as a crossfit competitor in the elite category and has also participated in 3 Greek national competitions in weightlifting. Not only did Giannis study Sports Science, and has his level 3 in Personal Training, he was also the Co-founder and owner of Ghetto Crossfit gym from 2013 – 2017 which won first place in Greece at a national competition as a gym.

He also obtained his category 2 coaching license from Hellenic Department and federation of weightlifting and has been a trainer and working as a coach at weightlifting, guiding clients through nutrition and personal training since 2006.

Giannis has more than 40 fights at kick boxing, competing in many competitions in Europe for crossfit, finishing 5 th at the 2015 Greek throwdown, and 5 th at the 2017 5th at Roman throwdown, proving that he can bring his personal touch, expertise, experience, knowledge and passion to any client that has the opportunity to train with him.

His passion transcends to his clients and keeps them coming back to enhance their power
and agility, not only physically but more importantly, mentally.

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