OxFitness Lab

feel. look. be.

Welcome to OxFitness Lab. A studio-based fitness concept in Doha. Personal Training and guided classes in CrossFit, Boxing, Reformer Pilates, Spinning and Yoga.

Aimed at fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, the lab delivers a tailor made and fun experience, promoting an active of way of life that helps you feel, look, be the best version of yourself.

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OxFitness Lab App

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This App is a real companion for the members of the Ox Fitness Lab as it offers features such as booking classes, following personal status, consulting fitness program and even communicating with other members.

The App was also delivered with an integrated management of the rooms, clients and payment solution for the clients using RFID tags.

This exclusive App has been developed for Ox Fitness Lab, a new and visionary venue promoting an active of way of life that helps you feel fit, look fit and be fit.

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