Nikola Djukic

Nikola, our very own Serbian Soldier, graduated from FISAF (Federation of International Sports Aerobic and Fitness) Academy for Personal Trainers and has a wealth of experience working as a specialist Personal Trainer for 5 years in Serbia, specialising in weight training and calisthenics. Nikola is a dedicated athlete who regularly competes in Calisthenics tournaments around the world, recently winning the National Serbian championship in weighted pull-ups and dips competition, and took second place in both (pull-ups, dips) for the bodyweight category. Nikola was the absolute champion in the Macedonian Championships for pull-ups and dips in both the weighted and bodyweight categories.

Nikola has attended the biggest Calisthenics (fitness) event in the Netherlands. Being a professional athlete, Nikola has personal experience of what it takes to be the best in your field and is committed and focused to help his clients achieve their own personal
sporting and fitness goals.

He has a bold and strong personality which will push you to reach and surpass your fitness goals.

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