Lex Rajiv A de Asis

Lex, from the beautiful island country of the Phillipines, is a professional multifunctional instructor, certified Personal Trainer with 6 years’ experience in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, as well as a well accomplished competitor and medal holder in Jiu Jitsu. He represented his University in the Varsity Basketball League for 4 years, after which he progressed to play state level basketball. He has coached professional basketball players and has trained well-known celebrities in the Philippines. Lex is passionate about sports and fitness and is dedicated to personal development and growth in the field, continually expanding his knowledge in order to provide his clients with the most relevant, up-to- date researched information.

Lex brings high level training and mentorship to his clients, specialising in training for boxing, body building, fat loss, cardio endurance, increased speed and agility and sports specific training for those who have a particular sport they wish to improve at. He brings attention to detail, a high energy and a warm smile to each of his training sessions motivating his clients to hit their targets.

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