Our services are delivered
through our 3 pillars,
OxHealth, OxTraining, and OxLife

Combining these elements creates your personalised fitness routine, giving you the right tools to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As a health trendsetter, OxFitness Lab guides you down a personalised path towards balanced nutrition and physical health. Total fitness is developed within a sustainable lifestyle with a new found sense of pure wellbeing. It all happens in the radical environment of the OxFitness Lab – one of Doha’s most attractive destinations.


become a member

manage your well-being

Your one-to-one consultation with our OxHealth specialist determines your unique physiological makeup.
It gives you a comprehensive assessment, including a physical check and evaluation of your existing fitness levels.


We use bespoke systems to compile an OxHealth check, your personal wellness report, based on answers to questions about exercise, diet and general health habits.

Having determined a clear overview of your present wellbeing, our OxHealth experts set out your positive path forward, including a personalised nutrition and exercise regime to help you achieve your ideal physical condition. Our OxHealth specialists then follow up with regular consultations and ongoing guidance, keeping you on track for optimum results.


achieving your targets

full body workouts combine a range of disciplines, to develop your all-round performance,
with warm ups and cardiovascular workouts augmented by appropriate exercises.


Once you have completed the OxHealth check and our team has identified your fitness goals, we set out a bespoke training routine designed to achieve your desired targets.

In OxTraining, full body workouts combine a range of disciplines, to develop your allround performance, with warm ups and cardiovascular workouts augmented by appropriate exercises.

building your social lifestyle

OxLife includes a constantly-evolving programme of social activities, with like-minded organisations and partners.
We aim to be the highlight of every member’s day, a social hub and destination - the place to be.


To complete your fitness experience, our OxLife Lounge is a relaxed setting for refuelling through a range of organic, healthy snacks and freshly-prepared juices. This is a perfect reward after exercise and an iconic place to socialise or wind down.

OxFitness Lab dedicated App will help you track your progress, contact the team at any time and book your desired classes for the coming weeks.